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Tumbatu Island, Zanzibar

The Tumbatu island of Zanzibar received with joy their own radio station, suplied and installed by In A Box Innovations. This was a part of  a joint initiative between UNDP and UNESCO. The island is isolated from the mainland Zanzibar except for small boats that ply between Zanzibar and Tumbatu.

The equipment were also taken by such a boat.

The station was inaugurated by the Second Vice President of Zanzibar amidst joyous celebrations by the residents of the island.

Isaka, Tanzania

Isaka in the Kahama region of Tanzania was supplied with a community radio station by UNESCO Office in Dar es Salaam in 2012. Isaka is about 1000km West of Dar es Salaam. This area with a small township is on the truck route to Ruwanda and Burundhi. The community radio is housed in a small house rented for the purpose. The landlady, a resourceful person, built the house by selling second hand clothes imported from orverseas. With the rent she collected, she built herself a smaller house to live.

Equipment was supplied and installed by In a Box Innovations.

Uvinza, Kigoma region, Tanzania

In a Box Innovations supplied a low cost commmunity radio station to Uvinza, in the Kigoma region, in Tanzania. This was a part of a project which is a joint initiative between UNDP and UNESCO called the Democratic Empowerment Project, a component of which is managed by UNESCO.  The project involves the installation of two low cost community radio stations in Tanzania – Uvinza, Kigoma, and Tumbatu Island, Zanzibar – and training for newly recruited staff in the operation of the stations.

The equipment were installed and commissioned by In a box Innovations.

Mtegani FM, Makunduchi, Zanzibar

Mtegani FM in Makunduchi in Zanzibar establised a community radio station in November 2012 and is now operating very successfully. Employing 12 staff the radio station broadcasts for 18 hours per day. A board of directors overee the operation and are now planning to own their own premises and move from the current rented accommodation.

Residents of Makunduchi area currently live in mud houses with visible existence in poverty. It is expected that the community radio will make significant impact toward the upliftment of their quality of life. (see update on Micheveni FM)


In a Box Innovations supplied 10 radio-in-a-box units to Mongolia. Some of them are required to operate under sub-zero (-0Deg C) conditions. The only breakdown suffered was a frozen hard disk of a notebook computer. The ten stations are operating to the satisfaction of the staff and the communities they serve. See UNESCO report on two of these sites at: and

Mission to Myanmar

In a Box Innovations have been assigned a task by International Media Support (IMS) based in Denmark to study and report on the status of radio and Television broadcasting in Myanmar and recommend steps to be taken to improve the industry in order to support the changes in the political landscape of the country.

Consultancy Mission to Vietnam

UNESCO, Hanoi is assisting the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC)to develop curricula for a new university that will be established in Vietnam. The consultancy to develop the curriculm for Broadcast Engineering, with UNESCO funding, was carried out by Rukmin Wijemanne, Proprietor of In a Box Innovations. In addition to the development of the curriculum, he also advised the MIC Working Group on accreditation processes that are in use internationally.

Kyela, Tanzania

Funded by UNESCO Office in Dar es Salaam a Compact Radio Station was installed and commissioned in Kyela, Mbeya region in Tanzania in 2009.  The staff was also trained who very readily absorbed technical knowhow and were able to broadcast on their own very quickly.

The station is now a mature establishment making a very significant contribution to the welfare of the community.

Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

The radio-in-a-box was used to train relevant staff from Pacific countries on the use of the equipment in post disaster recovery operations. These training workshops were conducted in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, by the School of Journalism, University of Queensland with funding from UNESCO.


The Albay State of Philippines equipped a Toyota Hi Lux vehicle with communication equipment including a radio-in-a-box to be used for disaster management operations. The radio-in-a-box can be seen on the left hand side of the communication panel.


A radio-in-a-Box was purchased by, ITU Bangkok Office, for use in one of the very remote islands of Tonga. Photos show the equipment being tested and staff trained before dispatch to the island

Micheveni, Zanzibar

A Compact Radio Station was installed in 2009, with funds from UNESCO, in a remote village Michevani on the island of Pemba in Zanzibar for use as a community radio station. The building for the radio station was built by the state’s Ministry of Broadcasting.

See UNESCO report at:

The Executive Secreatary of Zanzibar Boradcasting Commission reported recently the encouraging impact of this radio station on the lives of the residents on Micheveni. He stated that at the time when the radio was installed, Micheveni had one of the lowest levels of immunisation (endangering the health of the community), were on food aid from the Government as there was insufficient production of food, most were living in basic mud houses.

He was happy report that two years ago the Govenrment was able terminate food aid as they were self sufficient in food, immunisation levels reached to be one of the highest levels in the region and the residents are moving to brock houses showing an improvement in their quality of life.