Fixed Radio Station

The Fixed Radio Station, now named Thalia*, consists of a console equiped with radio programme production facilities, the transmitter, antenna and antenna cable.
The fixed radio stations are available in two formats: Console and Table Top

The console is fabricated in Australia using high quality material and high quality skills.

The package includes radio production facilities, notebook, 2 microphones (Shure, Sennheiser), 2 microphones stands, cables, professional monitor speakers with muting facilities, headphones ( AKG, Sennheiser), transmitter, antenna and antenna cable. A portable digital audio recorder can also be supplied on request.

The Fixed Radio Station comes in versions with 100W, 300W and 1KW transmitters.

Following add ons are available on request at additional cost.

    1. Telephone hybrid (to enable listener call ins to be broadcast)
    1. Microphone arms
    1. Portable digital audio recorder
    1. Professional IPod docking station
    1. Studio transmitter links
    1. Self supporting/guyed mast
    1. Test equipment and tools
    1. Solar power systems

* Thalia from Greel Mythology means “to blossom”

The Table Top version is now released and Fixed Radio Station Thalia is discontinued.

Brands We Use:

Hosa Cables
Australian monitor