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Reaching rural and remote communities

We have a range of extremely low cost radio stations that are pre-installed and ready to use as  community radio stations. Therefore, they are easy and quick to set-up requiring no high level technical skills. By reaching out to rural and disadvantaged communities with development information, their quality of life can be improved.

Disaster recovery operations

Our portable radio station is ideally suited for post disaster recovery operations to reach out to affected populations. The radio-in-a-box can be deployed at such areas and begin broadcasting useful information. We supply portable masts, generators and windup radios.

It is ideal to establish an FM radio service in disaster ravaged areas. Communications from official sources is essential to the population affected by a disaster and in situations where the existing broadcasting infrastructure may have been destroyed by the disaster, immediate restoration of the broadcasting services is essential. The Radio-in-a-Box fills this requirement, in that it can be setup within an hour.

Campus radio

Our low cost radios are suitable as campus radio stations to provide hands on experience to students in Universities, technical colleges or schools on techniques of radio broadcasting.

Church radio

Religious institutions wishing to establish radio stations to spread religious broadcasting will find our pre-installed radio stations ideally suited as there are easy to set-up and operate.

Coverage Prediction and consultancy in station design

For a small fee we can help prospective radio broadcasters to design facilities for their proposed radio station to achieve required coverage depending on site conditions. This fee is refunded if the equipment are purchased from us. Coverage predictions are based on digital terrain maps of the specific site and its surrounding areas.

We will also design and supply low cost radio stations and multimedia centres to suit specific requirements of customers.

About us

The designer  of the now world renowned Radio-in-a-Box (which is in use in many  countries in the African Continent, Bhutan, India, Jamaica, Kiribati,Mongolia, Philippines, Cook Islands,  Samoa and Tonga) is now offering new and improved versions of the Radio-in-a-Box and fixed stations for low cost FM broadcasting under the company name In a Box Innovations.

The company is now in its 7 year of successful operation serving the needs of communities in developing countries.

This equipment provides opportunities for low cost broadcasting and does not require any technical knowledge to setup and takes very little time to get on air. Reliability is paramount in our design of the radio stations and use only professional equipment.

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