The designer  of the now world renowned Radio-in-a-Box (which is in use in 8 countries in the African Continent, Bhutan, India, Jamaica, Kiribati, Kenya, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tonga) is now offering new and improved versions of the Radio-in-a-Box and fixed stations for low cost FM broadcasting under the company name In a Box Innovations.

This equipment not only provides opportunities for low cost broadcasting but also does not require any technical knowledge to setup and takes very little time to get on air.

It is, therefore, ideal to establish an FM radio service in disaster ravaged areas. Communications from official sources is essential to the population affected by a disaster and in situations where the existing broadcasting infrastructure has been destroyed by the disaster, immediate restoration of the broadcasting services is essential. The Radio-in-a-Box fills this requirement, in that it can be setup within an hour. 


Our international clients are UNESCO, Internatioal Telecommunication Union (ITU), International Media Support (IMS)

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